Ventura to Santa Barbara

June 8, 2000

Leaving Ventura in the morning was much better than the arrival the night before. The wind was calm, the seas were mellow,Leaving Ventura Harbor but it was cloudy, which would offer a bit of rain as the day wore on. We left the flybridge for the helm in the cabin. The rain was short lived and once again we saw dolphins, seals, etc. after returning to the flybridge.

As stated earlier, this leg was short in order to position us for an attempt at Point Conception. It only took us 3:45 to get to Santa Barbara from Ventura. Once in Santa Barbara we fuel up for the first time since leaving San Diego — we took on about 150 gallons (@ $1.35/gallon!). Our fuel consumption was about 3.2 gallons per hour, not too bad at all. It would go up a bit as we found we could run the engines faster, but not by much.

An over night slip was $20, but it was a pretty nice area (great showers). The slip we were assigned to was pretty narrow (tooThe view of_
  Santa Barbara Harbor on our approach narrow to use our fenders), and once again I had trouble getting it into the slip because of wind. Fortunately, this time we didn't swap paint with anyone, and with a little help from the neighbor, got into the slip without too much trouble.

We talked to lots of people on the pier about passing Point Conception, had a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant, drinks at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club and retired early enough to get an early start toward Point Conception.

Tomorrow, Morro Bay via Points Conception and Arguello.

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