San Diego to Oceanside

June 5, 2000

Map belowThis is one way to clean out the refrigerator.

We left Driscoll's Wharf in San Diego (our home for the last 10 months) for the final time at around noon on June 5, 2000. After a quick stop for fuel ($1.08 per gallon of diesel), we headed for the open sea. We've had O'Baby!! out in the open seas around San Diego harbor a couple of times, so this part of the trip didn't cause too much anxiety, we were just headed north about 35 miles. Unfortunately, our complacency in the calm seas between San Diego and the Los Coronados Islands led us to under estimate just how well things needed to be battened down for this trip. We motored out to about 4 foot seas (wind waves) that came at us on our beam and emptied the refrigerator and the cupboards in no time at all. So while we were under way, in the rolling seas, I went below and mounted the necessary hardware to hold everything in its place. Life is a lesson they say, and there was no doubt we were out to learn our fair share.

While sitting on the floor there, securing the refrigerator in its place, I kind of got disconnected to the rolling of the boat — until I looked out the aft door to see the horizon rolling steeply to eitherO'Baby!! guzzling diesel prior to leaving San Diego Harbor. side. Ooh, this didn't feel good. I went back up on the bridge and Debbie noticed right away the mal de mar look — no, I didn't get sick, but boy did I feel green for a bit there. It's amazing how the sight sense can be affected so quickly. That was the last time I ever felt that queasiness.

Coming in was only a matter of following the buoys (and being aware of the submerged jetty). We docked at the harbor patrol dock and went inside to register for the night. Coming out we witnessed a beautiful sunset over the harbor that just reinforced what a wonderful day it had been (excluding a moment or two). We cast of again to motor over in front of the Jolly Roger restaurant to tie up for the night. We're fully aware that our boat looks pretty ugly right now and we're a little surprised that we were tied up in front of such a swank dining establishment. A but what the hell, we settled down for our drinks and dinner and another wonderful night on our boat in a new port. Yeah, Miller time (or some microbrew thereof)!

O'Baby!! parked in front of the Jolly Roger restaurant at Oceanside.

San Diego to Oceanside

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